‘No masks!’: Demonstrators gather in Hyde Park to protest mandatory face coverings in shops


‘Keep Britain Free’ movement claims it is defending British rights and liberties


Anti-mask activists gathered in Hyde Park to protest the mandatory wearing of face coverings in shops and supermarkets.


Demonstrators at the event in London on Sunday were seen carrying signs that read “no masks” and “I will not be masked, tested, tracked”, in opposition to the UK government’s coronavirus restrictions.


One speaker at the event wore a g-string on her face in protest, while a man was pictured wearing a vest which said: “Save human rights. No to 5G. No to vaccinations.”


The protest was set up by the group “Keep Britain Free”, which was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Simon Dolan.

该起抗议是由“保卫英国自由”组织发起的,该组织的创建者是商人与企业家Simon Dolan。

Mr Dolan lost a High Court bid earlier this month to overturn the government’s lockdown for the pandemic.


Face coverings will be made mandatory in shops from 24 July, with a fine of up to £100 for those who disobey the rule.


Clare Wills-Harrison, one of the event’s organisers, told Sky News that the protesters were “campaigning for the return of our rights and liberties”.

作为该起抗议的组织者之一,Clare Wills-Harrison告诉空中新闻称他们是为了“夺回我们的人权与自由。”

However, the group’s opposition to the new rules on face coverings is not shared by the general public.


A poll by Opinium published on Sunday in the Observer showed 71 per cent of adults in England supported the decision to make face coverings mandatory in shops, with just 13 per cent opposing the order.


Professor Sir Ian Diamond, the UK’s national statistician, told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday that 61 per cent of the population had already been using face coverings in the last week.

国家统计部门的Ian Diamond教授在周日接受空中新闻的Sophy Ridge采访时称截止上周已有61%的国内民众开始配戴口罩。

“What we are showing is that week on week there is an increase in the number of people who are using face coverings,” Sir Ian, the head of the Office for National Statistics, said.
“So last week the data would show that 61 per cent of the population had used a face mask in the last week and that’s up from 50 per cent the week before.”
He added that face coverings were becoming “the norm” in many parts of society, especially in Scotland, where face coverings in shops were made mandatory earlier this month.